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Archery News

The first archery shoot for 2022 is April 30 - 9:00am - 12:00pm.

This will consist of a 2D paper animal target placed on archery bags. There are 14 targets, shooting 4 arrows at each for a total of 56 shots. Score cards and rules handed out on day of the shoot.

The cost is $3 for members and $4 for non-members.

Bring your own bows and arrows. Bring friends and family to check out the new layout of the range.

Other dates 5/28, 6/25, 7/30, 8/27, 9/24. All dates and times are subject to change as we get closer to the scheduled dates.

A Special Thanks to Sam Pierman, his family, and friends. This could not have happened without them!

Note: Please do not bring any broadhead arrows for the archery until further notice.

Any questions?? - Please contact John Spiewak - (609) 420-1967

Women On Target Clinic  - May 14

If you are curious about firearms, whether for personal defense or to learn a new sport, Women On Target is the perfect place to start. The instructional clinic is designed to teach you firearm safety and the fundamentals of marksmanship, giving you the confidence you need to safely handle and operate a firearm. It's a safe and friendly environment whether you're picking up a gun for the first time or just brushing off some dust and need a refresher. You'll immediately feel at ease at our clinic and will be provided with hands-on one of a kind experience with several of our certified instructors. No experience or equipment is necessary to participate. This clinic is only for those over the age of 18.

We need about 25 certified Instructors to help out. Please contact Ron Ayres if you are an instructor who is able to help with this event.

If you are ready to try sign up today at

Contact Ron Ayres with any questions -

Archery Range

The archery range is undergoing some major renovations. While this is taking place it will require it to be closed at times. We are not allowing the use of broadhead arrows on any of the targets at this time while those target blocks are removed. Your patience is requested while the work is being done. I’m sure if you are an archer you will be pleased with the end results. If you are unsure of the range status please contact Ron Ayres or John Spiewak. REMEMBER NO BROADHEADS AT THIS TIME

Pistol Range

We will be working on pistol range installing the pockets for the 25yd backers. This will allow for 12 or more lanes of shooting at that distance. This is all in preparation for our upcoming pistol shoot which will be scheduled as soon as the range work is complete. We hope to have the same number of lanes installed at 15yds as well. Again we ask for your patience as the work being done as it will require the range to be closed for short periods of time. It is difficult to inform everyone of when these closures will take place since it’s based on volunteer schedules and the weather as well. Anyone planning on using the pistol range is asked to contact Ron Ayres before heading down to make sure it is open for shooting. All work shall be completed as soon as possible and an announcement will be made at that time. Those wishing to help are asked to contact Ron Ayres so we can get it done as quickly as possible.

Trap and Skeet

This year’s Trap and Skeet seasons will be starting on April 6th for the annual McGrory awards season. Those wishing to participate must be a member of SCSC and also have 12 scores registered in order to be eligible. Shooting is every Wednesday for both Trap and Skeet. Trap is also shot on Friday nights along with Skeet on Sunday mornings. $3 per round for members and $4 for non-members.

Come on out and enjoy the shooting as well as meet new friends who are more than willing to help new shooters with tips and advice.

NRA Rifle Instructor Class

We will be having a NRA Rifle instructor’s class on April 9th & 10th. Those wishing to participate should contact Ron Ayres

Range Rules

Please always remember the 3 rules of safe gun handling.




Also remember to have your range badge on you when using the club’s ranges.

Pick up your brass and place in the buckets and throw targets in trash cans provided.

Remember the 2 guests per membership rule.

Follow Range rules and operating procedures or risk losing your range privileges.

If you are unsure of any rule then please ask before shooting.

Asking to take part in a refresher Range Safety Class is recommended and encouraged.

Ear & Eye Protection is MANDATORY while on the range. NO exceptions.

Members must have a valid SCSC Range Badge to use the ranges and must be visible at all times to other shooters on the ranges.

A member is only allowed 2 guests on the range at once. Others must remain off the firing line. A member is the Club member, not the member's spouse (which is counted as one of the guests).

When shooting the new reactive targets on the pistol range Absolutely no HOLLOW POINT ammunition is to be used.

Anyone caught using hollow point ammunition on these targets will lose their range privileges and possibly their club membership.

Hollow points destroy the targets and this is considered destruction of club property and will not be tolerated. Pictures show the damage caused by using the wrong ammunition. Only round nosed bullets are allowed to be used on these targets.

Please pick up all your brass and deposit in the buckets. Remove your targets and place in the trash cans.


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