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Anyone wishing to use the Club's ranges must first attend a range safety class. Please contact the range director for the next available class --

October 20 - Turkey Shoot 1pm. One card / one shot for $5.00. Get the most pellets in the card - win a prize. One prize winner per 10 card squad. 12 gauge shotgun. Barrel not longer than 36", not tighter than full choke (.683). Other chances to win on a spin of wheel.


We have noticed several range violations over the summer and would like to remind those who use the ranges to obey the rules. Anyone caught in violation of the rules could lose their membership or at the very least have to attend a range safety meeting prior to using the ranges again. Range badges must be worn at all times when you are on the ranges. Guests are limited to 2 per member. Hearing and eye protection are required by everyone on the range regardless of whether or not you are shooting. No handling of firearms is allowed when another shooter is down range. This includes loading and unloading magazines or your range bag upon arrival.  If you have questions regarding the range rules please ask before using them. We will be happy to answer any questions. If you are the first to arrive at one of the ranges please turn on the RED light. If you are the last shooter check other ranges before turning out the light. If the YELLOW/AMBER light is on, it is possible that maintenance is being performed at that time so please ASK prior to getting your firearm out of your vehicle whether the range is open or not. Shooting holes in anything other than paper targets is strictly prohibited. This includes the roof and the benches. Care should be taken when handling a loaded firearm to prevent unintentional discharges.

Please remember to follow the rules of SAFETY at the range. Treat all of your firearms as if they are loaded and keep them pointed in a safe direction at all times. Never put your finger on the trigger unless you are ready to shoot at the intended target. Please avoid being distracted while handling firearms also. Small children should not be on the range unless they are under your immediate supervision. Multiple children need to be kept back from the range and under someone else’s care while shooting on the ranges. Please be considerate to your fellow shooters and pick up all of your brass and dispose of used targets before leaving the range. Buckets are provided for the disposal of the brass only. All used targets and shotgun shells are to be disposed of in the trash can. The bucket contents are available to those who wish to reload only. Under no circumstances is the brass to be taken from club property to be sold for scrap. Anyone caught doing so faces disciplinary action by the Club.


The 7 yard pistol range is almost complete. As soon as the roofing material arrives and is in place along with some minor finishing touches we hope to have this new portion of the range open for your enjoyment. Any questions regarding this range opening please contact Ron Ayres - 609-502-9760.


Skeet and Trap are still open on Wednesday’s at 5pm and we will still be shooting under lights again this year. This will go on for as long as the weather holds out. Sunday morning Skeet is open from 8am to 12pm - year round unless we close for special events or bad weather.  Price: Member $3/round & Non-member $4/round.

Pistol Class Instructor Class

We will be holding another pistol instructor’s class on September 28 and 29. Cost per student is $100 and class size will be limited to 10 so sign up early. Any questions please contact Ron Ayres - 609-502-9760. Those wishing to become instructors must have completed the following:

  1. Must be an active NRA member with at least a 2yr membership
  2. Complete a Basic Pistol Course with certificate.  Those doing so must have the online class completed prior to September 21 and must contact Ron Ayres to be included in the qualifying class.
  3. Have at least 5 years pistol shooting experience.
  4. Pass the pre-qualification (NRA RED, White, & Blue and Instructor Gold Qualifying targets).
  5. Complete phase one of the Blended learning Pistol Instructors Course.


This year’s NRA Day is October 12. Come out and experience what the shooting sports are all about. Questions regarding this event can be directed to Bruce Mulford - 215-913-1053.


Once again we are in need of certified instructors. All instructors wishing to help must contact Ron Ayres so we can plan ahead of time for the events.

Anyone wishing to donate targets or ammunition for the upcoming events, please contact Ron Ayres - 609-502-9760.

We need .22lr and with .410, 20, & 12 gauge shotgun shells along with .177 pellets. Targets needed are the shoot-n-c type. Any donations would be greatly appreciated.

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