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A range badge is REQUIRED to shoot on the clubs ranges along with safety glasses and hearing protection.

RANGE BADGE CLASS - The next range badge class will be held on Sunday, February 23. Anyone wishing to attend please just show up at the lake boat ramp at 11am sharp. We welcome all members, spouses of members and even children to attend the class. Only members and their spouses will receive a badge though.

If you have any questions regarding this class please contact Ron Ayres -

PISTOL RANGE - The addition of range lights to the pistol range was completed on Saturday and they are now to be used instead of the range flags. Remember to turn the lights on when going down range to change your targets. The firing line is cold when the lights are on and hot when they are off. We have also added range cameras for monitoring range violations. Please do not touch the cameras for any reason. Violations can mean the loss of range privileges or even your membership so please remember the rules.

If you need a refresher class please attend a range badge class.

SCSC only allows paper targets to be used. Absolutely no clay target shooting off of the pylons and no shooting brass or shotgun hulls off of the target backers. Place your targets in the center of the backer and not where your shots will destroy the wood backer. Please only use one shooting lane at a time and be sure you are in the lane that lines up with the target you are shooting. No cross lane shooting is permitted.  Rifle shooting on the pistol range is only for those sighting in a scope or optic only. Please use the rifle range if you are just shooting targets with a rifle.

Also please remember to clean up your brass and deposit in the buckets provided. All paper targets are to be removed and thrown in trash cans. Please leave the range as clean or cleaner than it was when you arrived.

NRA SHOTGUN INSTRUCTORS CLASS - SCSC will be having a NRA Shotgun Instructors class on April 25 and 26. Anyone interested in becoming an instructor please contact Ron Ayres 609-502-9760 or

SKEET RANGE - Our skeet range is open all year round, Sundays from 8am-12. We are still shooting on Wednesday nights at 4pm for as long as the shooters continue to show up. Cost per round is still $3 for members and $4 for non-members.

FRIENDS OF THE NRA -SCSC will be having its annual FRNA dinner on February 29.Anyone wishing to attend this year’s event can purchase their tickets online at

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