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For Skeet and Trap information, go to the Skeet and Trap page. 

Range Badge

A Range Badge class will be held on October 16th at 10:30am. Get your name on the list as we only take the first 20-24 at a time.

Please contact the club office to have your name put on the list. We will contact you a few days prior to remind everyone.

Please come ready to pay attention as a test will be given and we will fail those who don’t get a passing grade.

Anyone that fails must wait for the next class in order to retake it.

Basic Pistol Class

A basic pistol class will be held on October 16th. Students must register with Ron Ayres prior to October 10th. A shooting proficiency class will be held immediately following the class.

Those who have already taken the basic class and wish to shoot the proficiency course need to register as well. If you plan on shooting please practice beforehand. Class will start promptly at 8:30 am in the clubhouse.

Those who are just shooting can arrive at 2pm.  Contact Ron at

Friends of NRA Dinner

Please help support our local shooting sports by purchasing a dinner ticket and attending the dinner to be held at Adelphia’s in Deptford on October 11th. If you have never been to a dinner now is your chance.  You can come alone or bring bring your wife, husband, girlfriends, boyfriends, cousins, neighbors, co-workers or anyone else for a good time, a good meal and a chance to win some cool stuff. Items include Guns, Jewelry, Coolers, Knives, wine baskets and lots of other stuff. The funds raised help support the events like NRA Day, Youth Outdoor Day, Women On Target that are held at SCSC and along other events held at local shooting ranges, schools and churches. We need your support to keep the NRA Foundation going by raising these funds. Purchase your tickets at or contact Ron Ayres to make donations. Anyone wishing to help out please contact Ron at

McGrory Awards

This years McGrory award season has ended. Thank you to everyone who participated. Scores will be tallied and winners will be announced. Actual awards will be given as soon as they are made. Anyone wishing to be part of this must shoot and record 12 scores on the skeet or trap range to be eligible.




I want to personally thank all the instructors and support staff who helped me with both Women On Target events this year. We had a lot of new instructors join us this year. I appreciate the time and effort of everyone involved who helped make the events successful.

Listed are those who have helped out so far this year.


Charles Berry                       Dave Decant

Chris Blohm                          Tyler Decant

Dave Cesarano                     Joe Lubrano

Doug Craft                            Shantel Lubrano

Dana Craft                            Bob Mroz

Tom Delsignore                   Nate Willard

Kathy Delsignore                 Mert Coles

Ed Durynski                          Marisa Coles

Eric Flora                               Chrissy Jones

 Jack Gallagher                        John Yourgevidge                    

Chris Jones                           James Banger

Kevin Lafferty                       Charles Mullen

Gary Maise                            John Halstaed

Dan Milano                           Anthony Kuzmunich

Wayne Mulford                    Al Guimetti

Steve (Mike) Perez              Mike Yucis

Dave Perez                            Frank Ruple

Bill Potts                                Stu Schermerhorn

Bill Ronn                                Al G. Wood

Cal Vondra                            Al Wood



Please come out for a good time and enjoy some shooting on October 29th. All are invited, so bring your family and friends for a fun filled day of shooting sports.

We will have the Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun, Airgun ranges open along with our newly renovated archery range. Any available instructors please contact Ron Ayres.


Turkey Shoot

Come out and try your shooting skills and/or luck at our Turkey Shoot on Nov 12th at 11:30am. Prizes include, Turkey, Ham, Roast, Shrimp, and more will be awarded to the winners. Cost is $4 per regular round shot. $5 for special round shots. Ammo will be supplied. 12ga guns only. Hope to see you there. 

Range Rules

Please always remember the 3 rules of safe gun handling.




Also remember to have your range badge on you when using the club’s ranges.

Pick up your brass and place in the buckets and throw targets in trash cans provided.

Remember the 2 guests per membership rule.

Follow Range rules and operating procedures or risk losing your range privileges.

If you are unsure of any rule then please ask before shooting.

Asking to take part in a refresher Range Safety Class is recommended and encouraged.

Ear & Eye Protection is MANDATORY while on the range. NO exceptions.

Members must have a valid SCSC Range Badge to use the ranges and must be visible at all times to other shooters on the ranges.

A member is only allowed 2 guests on the range at once. Others must remain off the firing line. A member is the Club member, not the member's spouse (which is counted as one of the guests).

When shooting the new reactive targets on the pistol range Absolutely no HOLLOW POINT ammunition is to be used.

Anyone caught using hollow point ammunition on these targets will lose their range privileges and possibly their club membership.

Hollow points destroy the targets and this is considered destruction of club property and will not be tolerated. Pictures show the damage caused by using the wrong ammunition. Only round nosed bullets are allowed to be used on these targets.

Please pick up all your brass and deposit in the buckets. Remove your targets and place in the trash cans.


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