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Bar - Hours - Hot food weekends and should the Eagles score a touchdown in the first or third quarters Sunday, enjoy a complimentary Flying Eagle shot to celebrate.


  • Art Show / Silent Auction - See events for details. Click here for art images.
  • The latest issue of the "Lake Hudson News" is now available.
  • SPEED LIMIT between the parking lot and the white octagon building -- 10MPH.
  • Your Club adheres to state regulations. If you have a fever or other symptoms related to Covid, you cannot be on the grounds.
  • Patio Walkway Bricks - Contact the office to purchase in memory / honor of a special club member / group. Cost is $100 per brick.
  • Pet owners: Dogs on the property must be on a physical leash and under direct control of its owner. Electric leashes are not permitted. Pet owners are fully responsible for the pet's actions. You know your pet. Please do not bring pets to the Club if you think your pet poses a danger or threat to others. All pets must be up-to-date on vaccinations and properly protected against heart worm, fleas and ticks. All pets must be on a leash at all times. No pet is to be left unattended. In the campground, your pet is not permitted to wander onto or through other campsites. You are responsible for cleaning up your pet's waste and disposing the waste in a trashcan.

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