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Director Contact Information 2018 Assignments 2nd (Co-chair) 3rd (Co-chair)
Brad Holmes 856-628-0112 President - Flood control, caretakers, volunteerism Office, bar, campout Newsletter
Everett Sparks 856-299-5926 Vice President - Newsletter, policy, historian, outdoor show, bus trip, volunteerism Grounds House
Tom Dyer 856-769-1964 Treasurer - Financial, office, caretakers Campout Bar, events
Christine Hoehn 609-202-2217 Secretary - Minutes, emails, women shooting, youth outdoor day, FNRA Campout Ranges
Ben Mahala
Director - Bar, purchasing for bar Club events House
Ron Ayres
Director - Range, Help with instructors and training NRA day House
Gary Trotter 856-769-1081 Director - Grounds, Tuesday crew, electrical, forestry, Canadian fishing trip, volunteeerism Harrisburg Caretakers
Bruce Mulford 856-275-6411 Director - First Friday happy hour, fundraisers, CMP venture scouts, NRA Day, instructors Ranges, Boy Scouts Grounds
Al Guimetti 856-769-4710 Director - House, Christmas party, decorating, keys Kitchen, bar Purchasing
John Spiewak 856-299-3525 Director - Archery, Boy Scouts, range safety Trap, skeet NRA day
John Seymour 856-628-1472 Director - Purchasing - Work with all event directors for proper supplies Campout, Halloween Scouts
Brian Kamens 856-912-9621 Director - IT, Facebook, website, gate, Campout, Halloween Emails Office
Mert Coles 856-769-1637 Director - Lake, Ladies night out House First Friday happy hour
Bill Ronn 443-624-9310 Director - Kitchen, boats, campground FNRA, purchasing Children's events


Caretaker 856-297-4498 Loraine Jones

Caretaker 856-297-4497 Don Crist

Office clerk 856-299-5588 Kelly Clement

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